all hallows beardFall is one of the best times of year for the Beardilizer staff;  we’re all growing out our ‘winter-beards’ for the upcoming No-Shave November, ongoing Octobeard events, and Halloween. All of this translates to a fun and active season for beard lovers everywhere. Isn’t Halloween a really great excuse to cut loose and be the person that you want to be, every day of the week, while you sit in your cube? While Team Beardilizer has no issue with their staff coming into work dressed as Gimli, not everyone can work at the best office in the game. If you’re a fan of horror movies, this article will be right up your alley. Read on and get some tips on how to best get your steez ready for Halloween.

Rather than making the best go last, the best beard in the horror movie game obviously goes to Kurt Russell in the 1982 cult film, John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’. R.J. MacReady is a beast; his beard game is strong, and he murders aliens with a flame thrower. A few weeks ago we talked about shaping your beard and how to stylize it in a flattering way. There is a reason that everyone and their brother sweats 80’s Kurt Russell! Keep your beard trimmed, and use some wax to hold its appearance. Slap on a leather jacket and pray to Cthulhu that your hair is on point. After all, when you’re dressing up like Kurt Russell, you better do it correctly. He is, after all, a horror legend.

Speaking of other beardy film legends, a beard that is certainly worth noting comes from a movie that the entire Beardilizer staff agrees is a sci-fi horror masterpiece; Alien. While the movie is typically associated with the kick ass woman in charge, Ripley, there is a strong beardy prescence that we all remember. Tom Skerrit’s beard is under appreciated in its galactic glory. Travelling through space has its drawbacks, besides the obvious alien invasion. Sleeping for an extended period of time can take a real toll on your skin and in turn make your beard suffer (moisturize, moisturize, moisturize). If you’re trying to get towards a winterbeard and are keeping things close to the skin, put some beard wax on, suit up and leave your ego in the cargo bay before you get slaughtered in an air-duct. Last, but not least, a beard from a movie that most of us consider a gross-out, body-horror classic.

If you could not guess where this was going, that’s ok. Body horror and beards are an unlikely combination; however, there is no way that the Beardilizer staff could overlook the classic Cronenberg film, ‘The Fly’. Dr. Borans’ does not mess around. Period. End of story. If you’re trying to play a scientist with an agenda, slap on a lab coat and cover your left hand in some sort of drippy paste. Whatever you do, remember that you are in a body-horror role. Be as gross as possible.

All three aforementioned beards have one thing in common; they’re all basic beards. Not that they are BASIC but they can act as a platform for further winterbeardy growth. If you’re keeping your beard trimmed, you can easily be one of these characters and add your own twist. Giving your look some texture is easy if you have the right product on hang.