Beard 101

Beard careHaving a beard is rough work; there is a lot that goes into it and it’s not an easy thing. Beards need maintenance in order to achieve their full potential. However, if you’re in a rush to make sure that your beard looks its best for an upcoming interview, a date at the end of the week or even just to make yourself feel extra sexy, there are a few things that you can do to make sure your beard is always on point. Remember, your beard isn’t some hipster fashion statement. It’s yours and it’s your duty to give it the best chance to live.



It Starts From Within

A good beard comes from healthy skin. Healthy skin is hard to handle, since skin is our first line of defense against the gross world around us. Your skin is exposed to the sun, pollution, it needs constant hydration (ever notice how cracked your lips get when you’re dehydrated? Imagine what is happening to the rest of your skin.). Remember that just like anything else, drinking a lot of water and taking a multivitamin can do nothing but help your skin. The Beardilizer supplement will help you with something so daunting. The vitamins in this product will help your skin and promote healthy beard growth. It’s just that easy! This isn’t the only part of keeping your baby beard in the best condition.

Keeping It Clean

Please, don’t be pedestrian when it comes to your skin. Taking that wonderful supplement will help you on the right direction but there are a few more steps in the process. Remember, just like anything else, avoiding blemishes can be rough. Ingrown hairs can be avoided by using a topical spray. This will keep your new beard soft and supple, so that when you start a daily grooming habit, the beard has room to breathe and it can come in without unsightly problem hairs. Again, there can’t be enough emphasis on a daily grooming habit. Find cleansing products that work for you, so that the topical spray can help your beard grow in without a problem. Adults get blemishes but they can be avoided if you watch your diet and clean your skin.

Watch Your Beard Thrive

Now that you’re well on your way to getting your beard into the best shape, it’s important to remember that even if you have a baby beard or you’re a seasoned veteran, use beard oil. The Beardilizer oils have the world’s biggest gift to skin and hair; argan oil. Argan oil smoothes hair follicles, helping them stay strong and less prone to breakage. It compliments all skin types, hydrating without running the risk of a potential break out. Again, blemishes happen but it’s important to hydrate your skin.

Understanding your skin is key. It all starts from within! The three products listed above will not only help your skin get ready for a lush beautiful beard but if you have a beard already, they’ll be an excellent addition to the skin care regime that you’re building on.