Bearded Super Hero Emerges from Watery Headquarters – The Return of Aquaman

Bearded aquaman

Photo credit: Aquaman by kidlux

Congratulations – you’ve been drawn to us via the telepathic connection that Beardilizer has to all beards. While all beards are beautiful, Beardilizer has decided to give a shout-out to an underappreciated hero: Aquaman. Aquaman initially appeared in DC Comics in the 40’s and has grown into a fan favorite over the years. However, that being said, he’s fought hard to earn the respect of the public after suffering from what you might call an “image problem” that stems from the old Super Friends cartoon.

It was on Super Friends that Arthur Curry, aka Aquaman, came across as, well, rather useless and pathetic. Sure, he could talk to fish and ride a seahorse, but take the guy out of water, and he’s kind of a joke. Right?

That damnable show made Aquaman a magnet for teasing and mockery for years. Just look at this!

In order to try and fix Aquaman’s image, DC Comics tried to toughen him up in the 90s by giving him the look of a pirate: he now had a hook hand and grew out a beard. He proved his ability to kick ass and take names in the comics and in the Justice League Animated Series, but Arthur Curry still had a long way to go before he’d achieve mainstream respect.

More recently, when DC Comics decided to reboot 52 of their ongoing superhero series, including Batman, Green Lantern and the Justice League (in what’s referred to as the “New 52”), it was Aquaman who kind of shocked the world by.. not sucking anymore. Not even close. In fact, the first few volumes of the New 52 Aquaman series is considered by many to be one of the most successful projects in the entire New 52 series. Suddenly we had an Aquaman who was relatable, likeable, strong and fierce. To seal the deal and prove his worth as a king of Atlantis and as a superhero, Arthur Curry grew a fabulous beard (while still mostly retaining his classic look). And it was with this beard and classic look combo that he achieved a new popularity on the Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoon, which proves that a beard + Aquaman’s face = OUTRAGEOUS.

Jason Momoa bearded aquaman

The new, very bearded face of Aquaman!

When the announcement of an Aquaman movie surfaced, fans everywhere were swept away. Then the casting decision poured in and you could say it was a whale of a tale. Game of Thrones and Star Gate Atlantis’ very own, very bearded Jason Momoa would play the ‘King of Atlantis’!

Only tried and true Aquaman fans may know this but there is some serious power in Aquaman’s beard. One needs to command a presence when they’re one of the founders of the Justice League. Did you read the blog post about executive beards? Check it out and get your Aquaman power on. Momoa is no stranger to committing to his character and how important it is to maintain their look. The epic beard sported in ‘Game of Thrones’ is a fine example. There is power in the beard, and you don’t have to be the King of the Sea to know it!

A true gentleman makes sacrifices in the name of family, love and honor. Understanding the complexities of this character go beyond his beard. An Aquanerd at Beardilizer gleefully pointed out that Aquaman is more than a guy who can talk to dolphins. Aquaman is forced to make uncomfortable situation and loses his hand to a river full of piranhas. What does he do to replace it? Slaps a hook on and goes right back to business. The lore of Aquaman is that of bad-asses who survived on the sea, exploring the world and learning (often times the hard way) the price of their adventures. Only a gentleman would have his arm eaten off by the creatures he swore to protect, to later serve a pile of oceany justice to the same creatures. That sounds an awful lot like the gloriously beardy swash bucklers of every pirate movie ever!

There is so much to love about Aquaman and the newest introduction of the character in the comics. In the past, the King of Atlantis has been clean shaven, but with new times comes a new direction! It’s hard to think of the King of the Sea not having an epic Poseidon beard. Having a character rebooted, with a new appearance is a very big part of a comic. The character represents the tone of the times and the impact that the world is having on the artists and the creative team. Underwater beard adventures are clearly on their mind!

Bearded superheroes are a minority. What other superhero, save for Thor, has a long, full beard that survives in salt water? Get some help from the professionals, since we’re not all watery Gods. If you head to the shore this summer, remember to pick up some product to keep your beard looking like a God’s. Staying cool during the summer is hard but remember to splash some cold water on your beard, keep it clean and come back next week for more beard-nerdery.