Beardilizer Beard Worship – 80’s Edition

chuck norris and his 80s beard

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Big hair is associated with the 80’s, so it’s no surprise that the facial hair of the same decade is just as gnarly. The 80’s gave us a ton of classic t.v. and movies; The A-Team, Blade Runner, and WWF (or WWE if you’re a –real—fan). Many of the characters that are in wildly popular memes came to be in the 80’s! Beards of the 80’s were great and the Beardilizer team had a great time sitting around talking about whose beards were the best and whose beards were the absolute worst.

It’s not a secret that the Beardilizer staff are a bunch of beardy nerds. There is not one staff meeting that goes by without someone freaking out about a very nerdy, beardy thing. Beard nerds are everywhere! Not naming names but half of the staff felt that there was no way that this post could not be written without focusing on the glory of Mr. T’s beard. Mr. T.’s tight, cropped beard is everywhere! Between the classic action series, The A-Team, and his appearance in Rocky movies, it’s hard to avoid that resplendent, ass-kicking beard. Again, the beard nerds on staff pointed out that a close; well-kept beard is the sign of a man who uses beard oil. Mr. T pities the fools who don’t know how to bring their best game, either in the ring or on the beard front. It appears that beards do naturally enhance a man’s ability to beat people up since the first beard to come up in conversation was the classic Norris beard.

Jokes about Chuck Norris and his beard may be old internet memes but they’re a classic for a reason. His beard is so sweet! Everything about it says, “Come at me, bro.” When a man rocks facial hair like that, he sends a clear message to the world. Talk smack about the beard and get a round house kick to the face. Chuck’s punches are so strong that they probably blasted beards onto the faces of his enemies! That is just how powerful his beard is. Now that Chuck is a little older, he may want to consider buying some supplements for his greying beard but that’s ok. His beard can still kick your beards butt. Unless of course you’re wrestling legend,
Mick Foley!

Foley’s glorious, Devil-may-care beard is something of legend. Even when he lost his ear in that horrible hangman accident, none of the beard was touched. That’s one magic beard, huh? The scruffy look that Foley has been rocking for a long, long time now is purposeful. Having a luxurious ‘wild’ beard takes an awful lot of time. Look at our beard champions! The Foley situation has been a part of professional wrestling since his first appearance in the early 80’s (there is video footage of Foley watching his idol Jimmy Snuka at Madison Square Garden) outside of the professional arena. Even though Foley didn’t step into the limelight until the 90’s there was no way that all of us here at Beardilizer could give up a chance to talk about one of our personal heroes. There is just something barbaric about that beard, and it’s great! Remember, no matter what kind of beard you have, be it short or wild, take your supplements and pity the fool who isn’t hooked up with Beardilizer.