Beards Gone Wild!

Summer beard careHaving a beard during the summer is a double edged sword. Sweltering heat and having something on your face are often times quite complicated. Taking care of your beard during this time of year can be simple though. Summer beard care is just building on the skincare routine that we wrote about last week, so don’t be afraid. Beardilizer is here for you!

Daily Maintance

At this point in the game, coming up with a daily skincare routine should be part of your beard care regime. Remember, don’t use soap. Please, please don’t use soap on your face. It will dry your skin out, make your beard brittle and cause un-slightly flakey skin (aka beard dandruff or “beardruff”). If you’re cautious about using a skincare product, start with something basic like warm water and a clean washcloth. If you add a product to your routine and you notice a chance in your skin, you will be able to back out of the product and save yourself the agony of having your beard not at its best. Keeping your beard clean will help with beard growth but also with allergies. Remember, allergens tend to hang out in places where we least want them: in our hair. Keeping your beard allergen free might be that extra step you need to get around waking up feeling like your throat is on fire and you need to sneeze fifty-five times in order to get on with your day.

Beard Oil

Beard oil is an essential part of summer beard care. If you are still on the fence about what product to use since they all sound awesome, just throw the rum scented oil in your cart and go about your day. You may be thinking, “It’s so hot out, why should I oil my face? It’s not like I want to roast my beard on the grill.” Well, that’s understandable but beard oil does help your beard in a few ways. It keeps the hair soft and full, rather than bushy and wild. There is nothing wrong with a wild beard but yet there is when it’s ninety degrees out and you look like you just licked an electric socket. When you keep your beard oiled, the oil will also act as cologne, activated by the heat when you go outside.


Don’t be afraid to trim your beard. It will help with hair growth but at the same time you can get rid of unruly rouge fly away hairs that will pop up from time to time. Even if you have a ‘whoopsie’ moment, it’s just hair. It grows back. Trim means trim, not hack off. You’re going for a beautiful beard

Long Beards

Trying to grow your beard out for competition status? All of the above applies to you; even if you have an epic beard. Remember, having a long beard means there is additional care that must be provided to keep your beard looking fantastic. Give it a ‘cool’ bath every day to keep it fresh and alive! Use your beard oil! Trim it once every few weeks to give it room to breathe!

Post your skincare routines below and tell Beardilizer what works for you!