Take Your Beard to Work

Beards in the workplace.Workplaces are becoming more and more relaxed with regard to beards, especially with their recent rise in popularity. How can you bring your beard to work? What are some things to watch out for while you’re growing your beard out? Now that you and your beard work together, how is that going to change your aesthetic? Look no further!

Understanding your office culture is a huge part of bringing your beard to the work place. Can you come in with a ZZ Top style beard? Absolutely, however if you work for a large corporation there may be a problem. Are you a graphic designer in Tribeca? It may be easier for you to have a non-traditional beard since you have a creatively skewed job. If you’re just starting to grow your beard out, here are a few tips to keep everything in shape (and to keep you employed!)



Know Your Face

Fog up a mirror in the bathroom and trace the outside of your head with your finger. If you’re having a hard time figuring out what your facial type is do a quick Internet search for some ideas. Make sure that you trim your beard to flatter the natural shape of your face. If you have high cheekbones, clean up those edges and eliminate stray hairs.

Keep it Clean

Remember; with a great beard comes great responsibility! If this is your first beard, get in the habit of checking it for unidentified objects. Don’t be that guy with ramen in his beard. In addition, remember to exfoliate since ingrown beard hairs are gnarly and can be caused by many things. Keep your beard at maximum profesh by keeping your situation.

Remember to Trim

Trimming your beard, during the first stages of growth is hard. Nobody wants to cut something they are trying to grow out! However, it’s essential for hair growth that the ‘dead’ part of the hair, which is subject to split-ends and breakage, be removed. A small trim every now and again will help you keep that lush beard looking sexy. Growing a beard out is a commitment! It will take time but maintenance is key.

Dress to impress! The way your face looks has changed. It’s important to understand that your new appearance will need a look that is complementary to you. V-neck sweaters may be a whole new look! If you are fond of wearing ties, remember to look in the mirror and make sure that you’re looking sharp. Part of the luxury of a business beard is that it adds a certain something to your outfit. Work to uplift the beard, not denigrate it.

Beard maintenance is an essential part of maintaining your look. Remember that great beard oil you were looking at earlier? Buy it. Your beard will need some TLC to help stimulate growth, avoid ingrown hairs, and avoid breaking. Your boss isn’t going to be impressed if you bring a weird beard into the workplace. Using some of the awesome care products available here will help you maintain your look and keep the boardroom on your beard’s side.

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