Biffing Beards of Cricket

cricket beardIt’s March and that means one thing: all the sports. Unfortunately for the United States, we miss out on one of the best professional league sports on the planet; cricket. Cricket is confusing as hell: it’s all ‘googly’ this and ‘projapoti’ that. Once you get the knack of the game, it’s no harder to follow than basketball or baseball. However, the level of skill and bad-assery to play cricket is absolutely insane. Field players catch cricket balls without gloves! Cricket balls are flying just as fast as a baseball in addition to being heavier and denser than a baseball. Cricket players are no joke! One of the pioneers of the sport, WG Grace, was considered “notoriously” unscholarly but yet Grace went on to not only popularize the sport of cricket, but he was able to attend a medical program based solely on the fact that the school would let him play cricket. Grace’s beard went from modest to glorious over the course of his extensive career so it seemed only right to honor him with a ‘best beards of cricket’ list. After all, it would be what the Doctor would order.

The 2016 Cricket World Cup (which is being held in New Delhi, India) starts on March 8 and runs until April 3, 2016. Beards, especially in sports are a reflection of the beard owner. For many, their beard represents their faith. While having a giant mane may be a religious statement for many of these talented players, there is no denying that their beards are a reflection of their commitment and talent. Mohammad Yousuf started rocking a beard in 2005 after converting to Islam. The cricket world could not help but notice a marked improvement in his performance (part beard and part faith Beardilizer can only assume). There is no disputing the prowess that all of these players have (or had since Grace passed away in 1919). Mushtaq Ahmen, a Pakistani former cricketer (now coach) has continually had a magnificent looking beard throughout his cricket career. While he may no longer be as active on the field as he once was, due to knee trouble, Ahmen holds the title for ‘Most Bad-Ass Silver Fox Situation’. His beard is metal as hell! The regal white streaks only add to the bubbly smile that is always on Ahmen’s face. It’s no wonder that he is a highly sought after coach! Getting your team’s ass kicked by that warm grin and majestic beard isn’t too bad. Moeen Ali, another incredibly talented, up-and-coming Muslim of Pakistani descent, has no problem keeping the competition (be it beardy or on the field) at bay. The beard game is so strong with these talented athletes!

There are a few cricket players out there who get honorable mentions for their beards. Not everyone can compare to the manes of WG Grace or the aforementioned cricketer beardos. Daniel Vettori, a retired cricketer from New Zealand, rocked a ginger beard during a portion of his career. He currently coaches and is considered a Judas for shaving off the only thing that kept him from looking like an oversized Harry Potter. Kane Richardson, a young Australian player, appears to waffle on his facial hair but Beardilizer has reason to believe that he’s on track to long term success and happiness.

Large fluffy beards are happy beards. If you’re playing cricket, baseball, basketball, or even participating in a late Lupercalia remember that Beardilizer has your back. If you sweat a ton, remember to use our beard wash to keep your skin clean and mane tamed. Keep your beard from having crazy stay hairs during whatever athletic event (even if it’s cable tossing) by applying a small amount of wax beforehand. Greatness does not come overnight but it can be supplemented with a little product, from time to time.