Brain + Beard = Genius

SomBeards improve intelligence and judgement.e of the smartest men to walk the Earth have had beards. Beards are a widely known sign of intelligence and everyone knows it. Beards make you smarter. #fact

One of the smartest men of this century, Sigmund Freud, had a glorious beard. Dr. Freud also changed the way the world looked at modern psychology (even if he did have some questionable methods when it came to research regarding stimulants). Understanding the man behind the beard, learning more about his intelligence and his commitment to facial excellence just added to the fact that he was a bearded genius. There are so many sexy-smarty beards in this world. One of them, the infamous ‘Babe-braham Lincoln’ comes to mind.

Abraham Lincoln may be the most important historical beard in the history of the United States of America. Abe is famous for many things, including changing the face (har-har) of American history. His beard just added to an already brilliant mind. There is a reason that he is famous and there is no doubt that many of his supporters were also rooting for that lush mane. Another great American mind wore a proud beard while changing the way that the world thought; Mr. Ernest Hemingway.

Hemingway revolutionized the literary world with his strong masculine energy and that glorious beard. There are few men who are known for their literary prowess and their sensual beasty nature. Hemingway is a classic man; always rugged, in touch with the world around him and ready for action. That scrumptious beard was the cherry on the intellectual sundae. What a beard. What a man. What adventures he wrote about. Again, an intelligent, composed man whose beard propelled him to great heights. There were so many men of this time who had beautiful brains that were complimented by their beards. With a great beard comes great responsibility, so said Karl Marx (but don’t quote me).

‘The Communist Manifesto’ would have never existed without Marx’s beard. This may not be verified by any historians but we all know it to be true. A German philosopher is nothing without his beard; it would be like a sheep without a coat. Marx changed the way that people understood socio-economic struggles and we can only give credit to his beard. What a beard it was, so full and beautiful. His beard is almost synonymous with his mind. Everyone knows a classy, intellectual man when they see one. That leads us to another delicious but yet subtle (unlike the aforementioned beards) mane. This beard is relatively new on the scene, but it should have a very special place in all of our hearts. Intelligence comes in many forms, including (but not limited to) someone who can kick ass and take names. What beard am I talking about? Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Anakin Skywalker is an idiot (sorry, not sorry). His face alone (before his trip into a volcano) looked so cold and barren, without a hope in the world. Obi-Wan transcended time and space with his beard, keeping it long and supple or short and tight (in his later years). His athletic prowess, kindness, and ability to think on his feet show us who the real boss of space is. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Beards make you smarter. With a good beard, you can save a princess, write a manifesto and change the world that you live in.

While all of these men were intellectual giants (especially that Abe) they were lacking in one thing; proper product! Remember, even the smartest of men need a little help from their friends in keeping their look on point. Using some beard wax will help you keep that book in your hand, your light saber ready for battle and quite frankly, people will notice how good you look. Love that beard and it will love you back! Just don’t rub your book smarts in peoples’ faces! It’s bad enough that you’re sexy to boot.