Celebrity Beards

Celebrity beards like Harrison Ford'sThis week, Beardilizer is talking about celebrity beards and the importance of studying beard ‘trends’. Evolution in the way that people wear their facial hair often means a change in the wind when it comes to fashion and how facial hair can be worn both personally and professionally. Understanding trends means that you’ll be on the top of your beard game by looking at a few of the amazing men whose beards have changed the world (that claim is mostly based off of their fictional work).

Sean Connery

SNL sean conneryJames Bond may have not had a beard but Connery’s beard is synonymous with the impressions of him on ‘Saturday Night Live’. So, suck it Trebek! The beard stays! Connery may be an older gentleman but his beard may have the face that launched a thousand beards and moustaches. Even juxtaposed against the delicious costume Connery wore in ‘Zardoz’ his moustache held its own.

Harrison Ford

There may be some ‘Indiana Jones’ bias here but Indy’s beard set the tone for rugged masculinity. Everyone wanted to become a brooding archaeologist after the first film, perhaps the second, but definitely the third. Even the long silver beard as featured in ‘The Fugitive’ shows that Ford is always committed to his role (and to keeping it real with his beard).

Jon Hamm

Don Draper changed the way a lot of people felt about TV; from the suits, to the day-drinking to the winter beard that he rocked in the last season of ‘Mad Men’. Every member of the cast sported a beautiful beard in that last season, and everyone looked amazing. The ‘Hammaconda’ as the writers over at DListed call him, brought beardy suit porn to a whole new level. Even for his role on ‘The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ he wore a fake beard over his already existing beard for extra beardy ridiculousness. What is not to love about that sort of commitment to a role?

Zach Galifianakis' celebrity beardZach Galifinakis

‘My beard hurts’ may be one of the best beard jokes, even if it is one of possibly four jokes in the existence of comedy. Galifinakis has a very distinct beard in the sense that his beard has never come off. It has been parsed down for roles but for the most part it is there in its full, lush glory. In his earlier comedy work the beard plays into the characters that he creates, thusly the ‘Toddler with a Beard’ joke.

Isaac Hayes

Beardilizer knows a fine beard when they see one. If you didn’t see this beard coming, then you didn’t hear the ‘Shaft’ soundtrack playing in the background. Listen harder, it’s there! All of the aforementioned gentleman have given the world their lush beards, and changed the face of masculinity. ‘Shaft’ did so much more than that and Hayes played the character with a beard. Hayes went on to be a part in the huge success of ‘South Park’ and the beard is still there. The beard will always be there.

Do not despair and think that Beardilizer is only looking for beards. There are a few facial situations that merit honorable mentions! Check out the below.

Honorary Mention for Best Mini-Moustache:

John Waters

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Paul F. Tompkins

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Daniel Day Lewis