Team Beardilizer takes beard competitions by storm

Michael JohnBull Wallage wins Yorkshire Beard of the Year

Michael JohnBull Wallage wins Yorkshire Bead of the Year!

Oh man, this has been a great year so far for the House of Mane!

From the non-competition side, we’ve added quite a few new beards to our roster:

  • Cincinnati-based sports fanatic and beard model Garey Faulkner.
  • Beard Artist Anthony Fontes, AKA the Beard of 1000 Brands!
  • Arthur Supertramp, a driving force behind the #Beard movement in France, as well as the first member of the #HouseOfMane French chapter!
  • Bastien Gaillardon, administrator of “Barbu & Fier”, the fastest growing beard community in France. Bastien also organizes beard competitions in France!

Now, here’s the real updates you’re all looking for: Let’s talk recent beard competitions!

On March 21st, some of our Beard Dream Team members participated in the Yorkshire Beard Day Competition. We’re stoked to say that two of our team members won!

Andy Teague took home “Best Full Beard Freestyle” for 2015, his second year in a row at Yorkshire Beard Day! Last year, on top of Yorkshire, Andy picked up first place in the Freestyle category at the British Beard and Moustache Championship 2014.

Andy Teague dominant at beard competition.

Andy Teague, winner of the best full Beard Freestyle at Yorkshire Beard Day.

Also kicking butt at Beard Day, Michael John Bull Wallage won Yorkshire’s “Beard of the Year 2015”, a fine follow-up for his “Beard of the Year Best Partial Beard” in 2014. Over the past few years, Michael has gotten quite a few wins under his belt. Beardilizer is happy to be a part of this one!

Back in the states, Josh Black headed to St Louis, Missouri for the St. Louis Beard & Moustache Club Competition. Making Team Beardilizer proud, Josh walked away with first place in the Best Full Natural Beard/ Styled Moustache category!

Josh Black also wins at beard competition.

Josh Black, winner of the best Full Beard/Styled Moustache in St Louis.

It’s safe to say that we’ve been kicking major stubble at the beard competitions so far.

Let’s keep our fingers (and whiskers) crossed that the wins keep rolling in for 2015!

There are quite a few beard competitions coming up in April, including Louisiana Beard’s 3rd Annual Beard & Moustache Competition (April 11th), Cleveland’s Mustachio Bashio (April 11th), Garden State Beard & ‘Stache Bash (April 11th), and yes, The Mid-Atlantic Beard & ‘Stache Championship in Richmond (April 25th).

We’re so proud of all of our team members! We’re lucky to have such a fun, creative group of gentlemen involved with the House Of Mane. We’re happy to team up with you fellas, and can’t wait to see what you all accomplish next!

Stay tuned and if you have a magnificent mane of your own, be sure to submit it to our Facebook contest!