Don’t wear a jersey, rock a play-off beard!

playoff beardsIt’s Stanley Cup season, one of the best times of the year. Why? Its play-off beard season and that means there are dreamy dudes everywhere. Dreamy dudes who have been growing out their beards in support of their favorite teams (and players). Every team has their All-Star beards and some of which are fine enough to be ranked in a “Best Play-Off Beards of 2015” article. The New York Rangers may have lost their last game to The Tampa Bay Lightning, but Dan Boyle’s silver beard surely won some hearts. Corey Crawford’s modest beard can even make someone overlook the fact that he plays for The Chicago Blackhawks!

Play-off beards are no joke; they show dedication to a team, to a sport and a lack of time. Beards are born out of convenience since nobody has time to shave every day when they’re training for a grueling athletic marathon of sorts. Look at all of those rugged faces! They’re the faces of winners: beautiful, beardy winners.

One of the best parts of the long tradition of beardy play-off glory is that there is a beard charity! Who doesn’t love raising money for a good cause, while rocking some scruffy goodness? The NHL has the annual Beard-A-Thon charity which raised over three million dollars for NHL related charities last year. It’s a great way to encourage your friends and family members to support your beard! Your beard is a philanthropist! However, play-off beards are all about supporting your team and that lush beard.

Between silver beards, ginger beards, long, luxurious beards and every other in between beard, this time of year is the best. Watching hockey is never better, even if your team doesn’t make the play-offs. Better still, growing your own play-off beard doesn’t have to be a chore.

Growing out your beard means a few things. It means participating in an awesome annual event where hockey fans everywhere get to celebrate their fantastic follicles. It means that the guy down the hall from you who can’t grow a beard can bask in your gloriousness and stew in his jealousy. It also means that you get to talk about your team and the play-offs whenever a stranger asks you about your magnificent facial situation! Thankfully, you’re in the right spot though, for some great products to keep your beard looking tip-top.

All depending on where you are in the world, your beard may be getting dried out from the elements, no matter winter or summer. Using one of Beardilizer’s fantastic beard oils will help your beard stay on point. Moisturizing is an essential part of maintaining healthy skin and hair, so finding beard oil that compliments you is your best bet for day-to-day beard maintenance. Beard oil is the best; it helps your beard from getting split ends (don’t laugh, it’s true), it keeps the hair follicle smooth to prevent breakage, your skin gets a spa treatment every time you apply it and you’ll smell great. Who doesn’t want to have a full, delicious beard that smells like leather? It’ll be sure to get you some attention from even the newest hockey fan but we both know that everyone wants that beard in their life, hockey season or not.

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