Andreas Fransson

My name is Andreas, also called The Beard Bringer in some circles. I live in Stockholm, Sweden and I’m 32 years old. I’ve been growing some form of beard for the last 12-13 years, but it wasn’t until about 3 years ago that I went full beard, all because of a very bad decision one faithful night at a friends house. I decided to shave…..

In hindsight it might have been the best decision ever. Looking back at that night and how I felt. Small, insignificant and empty. It made me determined to grow an even better beard, and Oh I did! It also got me in to the beard scene for real. Discovering the ever growing market for beard products, trends and apparel. How much the bearded community grows each day and how much I want to be a part of it, it’s amazing.

The name, The Beard Bringer, was given to me by a new good friend, a big name in the beard product world, and it stuck. It plays on the fact that I a few years ago started – a beard loving, beard uniting and beard bearding website. At first it was about people uploading beard pictures to get them rated, but it has evolved in to something much more. I’ve filled it with reviews, giveaways, beard stories, articles, opinions and of course lots and lots of beard pictures. The number of uploaded beard is over 5000 at the moment.

I have not competed yet, as I’ve only seen one competition held in Sweden so far. But we are in the grounds of starting up more competitions and further grow the Swedish beard scene. I’ve been using Beardilizer for a few months and it have made my beard so healthy and thick, it’s crazy, I love this stuff!