Anthony TheStash Fontes

Anthony Fontes, better known as Anthony TheStash, has been competing in beard and moustache competitions since 2012 when he took 2nd place at the National Beard and Moustache Championship (Imperial Partial Beard) in Las Vegas, NV.

It was there that he debuted his signature beard style and aviator theme now known as “The Wings Of Destiny”. Since then, he’s managed to travel throughout the United States and Europe in search of beard glory competing across multiple categories and shining a spotlight on the charitable work, volunteerism, and leadership which competitive bearders personify. His image has been featured in GQ, Sports Illustrated and his “Branded Beard” styling went viral when he crafted his mutton chops into the shape of the Nike Swoosh, famously known as the SwooshBeard.

With his beard crafting art, he’s managed to recreate logos of companies such as Under Armour, Southwest Airlines, Gatorade, Hostess Ho Ho’s, TheChive, Dr. Seuss/Cat in the Hat and a few others. His beard was featured in a nationwide advertising campaign (network, cable, and internet) for Applebee’s. His skills are truly epic in every sense of the word; his sideburns are rare and exotic; and his primping hand is considered a lethal weapon.

To keep up with his latest beard art, be sure to head over to his social feeds IG: @BeardingAintEasy | FB: @BeardingAintEasy | Twitter: @BeardingAintEZ | Tumblr: @BeardingAintEasy