Chris Wall

I’m Chris. I’m a portly eccentric father of two who’s moustache journey began 5 years ago having not shaved for a week whilst I partied hard at a local music festival.

It took many forms initially and my first edition suffered much abuse (flaming cocktail and a dying experiment went wrong) but then I found out about the British beard and moustache championships and decided I would go for it!

Combing,conditioning and driving my family crazy with it became a mainstay feature and to much of my surprise I won the natural category. I later retained this accolade 2 years later and the penchant for facial furniture grew further.

I’ve been a member of the Handlebar club and the wessex beardsmen since.

Beardilizer is a great company that make some fantastic products which allow me to keep on top of my grooming and competitive. Above all what having a moustache has done is created a opportunity to meet some fantastic people on the way and have a lot of fun.

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