Going Gray? No Way!

gray hair supplementPremature graying happens. It has nothing to do with you or your beard; it’s totally normal. For some people, it starts as early as your late teens. Many others have changes in the color of their hair and facial hair much later in life. However, this ‘new you’ does not have to be something permanent. Treating your beard with a Beardilizer product can help reverse graying hair. As beards age, they grow more and more majestic, but there is a fine line between “gorgeous” and “too much.” Let’s talk about what happens when beards grow up.

Ginger beards – The Original White Walkers

Ginger beards are glorious, rare creatures. They are fragile and need to be nurtured given how volatile to change red pigmentation is. Some ginger beards start out dirty blonde and grow darker over time. However, one downside to having a beard that has been kissed by fire is that the pigment in your hair follicle may change as you age. Your beard may not stay fiery as long as you want. Rather than looking like a Bond villain sporting red hair and a long, white beard, start treating your beard to preserve its color and retain your youth. What is the difference between a ginger beard, whose beard is aging, and a brunette with a beard? One looks like Santa faster than the other.

Burley versus Santa

Okay, so, silver beards are great but remember that if you start treating your graying beard at the first sign of an unsightly gray you can avoid looking a mess. Maintaining a solid appearance that keeps you in touch with your rugged, masculine look is clutch. Guess who has a giant, unkempt silver beard? Santa Claus! Do you want to look like that guy? It’s July! There is no time for Christmas in July when you’re trying to enjoy the summer, outside of your work. Remember, treating graying hair will do nothing but make it easier for you to get around what is a natural part of life.

colbeardThere are many silver beards out there but none of them really hold up to the Big Daddy of all Silver Beards: The Colbeard – it’s beautiful, it’s gray, but yet it leaves us all puzzled. It was half gray, half raven black, glorious as the day is long. All beards are born beautiful; some need a little extra care to stay resplendent, and some walk the line of avant garde, flaunting their beauty in the face of the world.

To be or not to be gray- it is up to you. Remember, if you want to treat your beard that is ultimately your call. Gray beards may make you look like a wizard but that’s problematic if you’re in your mid-twenties and not ready to look like you’re a holiday stand-in. Again, Beardilizer offers many products to help you maintain your fancy follicles. Using the new Beardilizer coloring treatment can reverse the loss of pigment and keep your look staying polished. Remember, you’re not in ZZ Top, there is no need for an all gray beard (unless of course you are in ZZ Top).