How to Winterize Your Beard Santa Style

santa beardWhile it may be abnormally warm outside, winter is still on the way. In order to prepare for the upcoming ice and snow, all of the creative minds at Beardilizer thought it was important to look to the best beard of the season; the reason for the season, for some- the one and only Santa. The guy has a great beard and there is never a bad picture that has been taken of him, or painted of him, with fly away hairs. Not once do you see his regal moustache covered in icicles or looking like part of it may snap off once he goes indoors. Nope, not that guy. So, in the interest of doing “research” for the next killer Santa movie, the guys at Beardilizer came up with a few ideas as to how they think Santa keeps his mane tight.

Winter beard care doesn’t need any crazy changes to your daily routine. Do you remember the Beard 101 article? Give it a read, again. There are a lot of great tips for how to care for your beardy baby, without taking into consideration that you may live on Planet Hoth. Baby, when it’s cold outside, remember that the cold is sucking out any and all moisture out of your hair and skin. Think about it. Your skin gets cracked and dry in the driest of dry conditions. What do you do? You moisturize. If you don’t, well, that is your pejorative. In order to help your skin and beard happy, think about what you can do to put moisture back in. If you have a humidifier, run it. It may seem excessive but it will help your beard stay regal, without scraggly hair, and heinous stays that make you look sloppy. Wear scarves. They’re practical and if you don’t want to wear a scarf, grab a Beardilizer bandana! If you’re riding your bike in cold wear, protecting your face just makes sense. Walking around in the cold weather can dry out your beard, causing the hair follicle to become fragile and break. Breakage can cost you precious inches to your beard!

When you get indoors, remember to use beard oil to keep your beard moisturized, in addition to helping your skin bounce back from being exposed to the harsh elements. Before applying beard oil, run a comb through your beard so help get rid of dead skin, since it’s not like Santa is ever seen with beard dandruff. These two steps are essential for helping your beard; washing it with cold water, using a comb to remove dead skin, followed by beard oil and wax to lock in moisture and make it easier to style. Looking at pictures of Santa, it’s clear that the man uses some very fine wax. His moustache is always turned up, and the man is proud. When is he not smiling? It’s no coincidence that Krampus has a long goatee. In the continued battle of good guys with good beards versus bad guys with goatees, it’s obvious who wins: Santa. Sorry, Krampus, maybe next year.