Keepin’ Your Beard and Your Lyrics Tight – Beardilizer edition

jonny freesh

While you’re paying attention to the #ICanGrowABeard competition, you’ll be pleased to know that Beardilizer has another awesome competition going on. This competition requires a little bit more but it’s still just as great. Do you have any lyrical prowess? No? Even better! Do you have access to a camera and you have a good beard? Then you’re okay. Our main man Marty Ray (and of course Jonny Freesh) wants to challenge you beardos. Do you think you have flow, beyond that fabulous beard. Do you think you’re the next Action Bronson? Step into the Beardilizer studio and let it all hang out.

I can rhyme any word in the world

in less than 13 seconds i’ll serve

you up that lyrical hors-d’oeuvre

call it a miracle of verbs

Part of the competition is you. You need to be able to rap or show Beardilizer that you can at least make us laugh. Using the lyrics from Marty’s song in your video put syou in the running to win awesome prize packs from Beardilizer, including that dope @$$ signed CD from Marty Ray and Jonny. There are so many bearded rappers (Sage Francis!) but could you be one of them? Is your beard fresh to death in addition to your rap game? Did you barf up Mom’s spaghetti at the notion of filming yourself rapping? Good. Eminem didn’t have a beard and he turned out just fine. Slap on some beard oil and get to it!

I can drain 3s from 31 feet

better name me the next steph curry

pull up on your squad for the game winning shot kid

crowd goes wild when the nail hits your coffin

Steph Curry might be passé but not your game. You’re f!cking LeBron James of the bearded rap world. Show off your stuff and take part in what could be your breakout. Do you have beardo pride? Use that #ICanGrowaBeard hashtag and show off what you’ve got. Fluff out that sexy shit and turn on your camera!

I can do all this cuz I got a secret

I like to share so I aint gon keep it

i’m on the rise like a frequent flyer

and I flow so hard i’m like a freakin geyser

when i’m on the mic it’s like i’m breathin fire

cuz every day I stay takin beardilizer 

Marty and Jonny, just like you, need that Beardilizer goodness. They know that their strength comes from their beards. Rick Ross lost 75 pounds by eating kale but you know that Rick don’t play. His lush, full beard is the best background for a 36’ chain (okay, maybe not that big). Killer Mike keeps his scruff tight and fresh (he definitely wears a 36’ chain!). Look at these powerful dudes and their beards. Nothing but the best! You’re a beardo and you know your lyrics are on fire. Submit your videos to Beardilizer and show off what you got. Your fame awaits!