Locking Your Winter Beard Down

winter beard

Team Beardilizer: Arthur Supertramp

Alright – we have one week until Halloween. So you’re probably ready to go with all of the ideas that the Beardilizer team put together last week. Most of the ideas that the team put together can give you the foundation of a solid beard. It’s hard to get your beard to competition lengths without a little help. However, what are you going to do if you are trying to grow that beard out, beyond your sensational Halloween costume? Don’t worry – here is a crash course on how to develop your beard and get yourself into a skin care routine that can help you achieve the mane that you’ve been dreaming of.

First off, growing a delicious beard can take some time. There are a lot of factors that play into it, especially when it comes to the thickness of the hair. Chances are, if you have thick hair on your head, you’ll have thick hair on your beard. If you’re bald, then you will most likely have a huge beard, thanks to testosterone. What do people who are in the in between stages do? Well, it’s easy. They come to the experts here at Beardilizer for tips on how to get their best beard game on. There are two huge steps in growing out your beard, allowing it to transform your face and life; taking a daily supplement and using the topical spray

Taking the daily supplement is no different than taking any other supplement or medication that you may take on a daily basis. That being said, the Beardilizer supplement is ALL-NATURAL and offers exclusive benefits, which is why they are the best.  – what they do is offer a supplement that gives you both biotin (which has been proven to help grow healthy skin and hair) and a multivitamin that keep your skin happy. Not the patient time? Want to grow out your beard really fast? Then also consider using the topical spray in addition to the daily supplement. Beardilizer has cornered the market on when it comes to sensational products that work in combination with each other but provide benefits beyond traditional products. What is the point of owning a tool that only does one thing? The Beardilizer topical spray, with its new and improved formula, also helps your facial hair grow fuller and faster. In order to keep this beard the best that it can look, you need to build a foundation on which your beard can be based. It’s just like construction in that sense. Don’t put junk in, or you will get a junky house that will crumble during its first inspection. Your beard is NOT a Bluth family home.

So, if you aren’t taking a supplement or using the topical spray, swing by the (online) shop and grab some. For a small price you can pick up two very helpful tools for bringing your beard to the next level.