New Marty Ray Project Album

Marty Ray Project albumAside from the World Beard & Moustache Championships, the other BIG news in the beard world was the release of The new Marty Ray Project album, Expression Not Perfection, which dropped on October 2nd, just in time for Octobeard and is available on iTunes. Marty’s new album is 12 tracks consisting of original songs and covers. The reviews that are coming in are calling his new music “soulful” and “powerful,” and we at Beardilizer wholeheartedly agree. Marty is a man with a majestic mane and a powerful voice. He even manages to make Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby sound good, and that’s no easy feat. Mr. Ray also dropped a new single on October 5th called “The Ranger.” You definitely want to check that one out on iTunes as well.

So, now we’re going to give you a little inside scoop. Marty Ray and Beardilizer have been working together over the past month to come up with an exclusive beardo event; something that has been a secret around the Beardilizer office. While we’ve all bought our copy of the Marty Ray Project’s new album via iTunes, every staff member at Beardilizer has been sitting on something huge. That sounds way more erotic than it actually is, but this is big. Bigger than Marty’s beard, that is!

So, secrets among beardos are passé and the big wigs (or big beards) finally gave us the OK to let the cat (or beard) out the bag! We are really, really excited to reveal an exclusive live concert, with the Marty Ray Project, streaming only on Periscope. The official Beardilizer channel’s name is, @Beardingainteasy.

marty ray project the rangerWorking at Beardilizer has certain perks, but never did the staff think that they’d be able to take their beardy venture into the music industry. When the friendship between the Marty Ray Project and Beardilizer grew, we all had high hopes. Seeing that relationship grow, just like Marty’s beard, has been tremendous. Keeping this show a secret was a challenge! Everyone on staff has been waiting for Marty’s album to come out, and then we knew that we could go ahead with this huge event.

Keep reading for more information about the upcoming show. While it is a Beardilizer sponsored event, Beardilizer wanted to make sure that everyone who wanted to attend the show could. If you’re stuck in France, Austria, Canada, or even someplace in the continental US remember to download Periscope and watch the show live from the comfort of your office, living room, bathtub, or wherever it is that you stream videos. Going to a show has never been so easy, with the help of Periscope and Beardilizer. If you want to turn on your own channel to show off your beard, remember to put on some beard oil, shine that mane up and show it off. Your beard represents all beards, especially when you’re on Team Beardilizer.

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