Oh Christmas Beard, Oh Christmas Beard

christmas beardEveryone and their Mom saw the recent article on Buzzfeed about glitter beards, much to some beardos’ chagrin. If you’re a bearded bear, glitter beards are nothing new to you. The beard world is diverse and sometimes the LGBT beards are ahead of the ball when it comes to trends. Glitter beards can divide a dinner table though. One Beardilizer staff member had no issue with glitter beards while the rest of the team felt that they were an abomination to mankind. So, of course, the lone glitter beard staff member had to defend themselves and their stance on such a controversial topic.

Glitter beards can annoy even the most bearded of bearded bros. They serve no purpose whatsoever other than being ornamental. Glitter gets everywhere. Glitter is not considered conventionally masculine. However, the idea of dressing up your beard is nothing new to Beardilizer. There are sections of beard competitions that involve manipulating your facial hair and even twisting your moustache into an intricate design. The argument for glitter beards is that if someone wants to do something to their beard, why not let them? Beards don’t hurt anyone, so why is there so much anger towards another way of showing off your sweet situation.

Shaping your beard with beard wax can help you achieve a special look for the holiday, short of putting tinsel in your beard or decorating it with ornaments. Even if you opt to use glitter, the wax will help you not only achieve the look that you are going for but it will act as a primer for the glitter. Applying primer, just like painting, makes it easier for clean-up. For example, if you’re going to dress up at Santa Claus, you may have to alter the color of your beard. Using a white hair-spray on your beard is pretty basic; just make sure that your beard is dirty. Keeping your beard full of natural oil will create a solid base between the hair follicle and the chemicals in the spray. Imagine the driest your beard has ever been then imagine how dry your beard will get when you have to wash it to remove hair spray. Using wax to help you style your beard will not only coat the follicle but it will help you maintain your look since the spray will bind to the wax instead of your beard. What an ingenious idea, huh? Again, those bearded bears are a treasure chest full of advice when it comes to the day to day maintenance of your beard.

While glitter beards are considered ridiculous, by some, they open up the door for discussions about beard maintenance. If you’re a low maintenance guy, using beard oil on a daily basis might be a struggle for you. Taking a daily supplement might prove to be a challenge! However, look at beards that you admire. Everyone at Beardilizer could agree that having a beard mentor never hurt anyone! Even if the beard that you look up to happens to be a long, luxurious, beard full of sparkly glitter it doesn’t matter. The man behind the beard probably has some great tips on how to keep your beard in the best shape, ever. Stop and pick his brain, but remember that glitter is a real pain in the ass to wash off if you aren’t prepared.