Product Launch – All New Beard Wash

beard washThe brooding face of Benoît Paire on our home page means one thing; Beardilizer is finally able to announce the launch of a brand new product that is going to change your grooming game. Why is beard wash, especially Beardilizer’s beard wash, critical for the success of your face? Easy, co-washing is not good for your skin. Have your ever used a shampoo that dried your skin out so badly that you wanted to put your whole face into a plate of aloe vera? We’ve all been there. That’s why this product was agonized over, and tested until we knew it was perfect. Beardilizer takes great pride in making sure that all of our products have natural ingredients so that your beard can live free of any irritation or damage.

Why should you use beard wash? You’re still not sold? Do you like having smooth, clean skin under your beard or on your cheekbones? Does a shining, resplendent beard not sound enticing? You don’t like strange women coming up to you and commenting on the subtle scent of your beastly bristles? Not for you? If you aren’t onboard to having a full, healthy beard then you’re insane.

We’re a little obsessive about beards here and for good reason. There are so many products on the market that are packed to the brim with chemicals that may cause your skin to get irritated, clog your pores, or even make you break out in a rash! If you’ve bought Beardilizer product before you know it’s legit. There is nothing in there that you can’t pronounce and or identify from other products.

Black Castor Oil, one of the most underappreciated of all grooming products gives your beard volume and adds flexibility to your mane. The oil seals the hair follicle and gives it room to breathe. Keratin is also in the beard wash. Keratin is something that broads with crazy hair know all about; after all it is another holy grail for curly hair. This miracle solution comes from natural sources (since Beardilizer doesn’t play when it comes to our products) and is in our beard wash to help with smoothing and calming hair follicles. If your beard has had a rough week and it looks like it is about ready to jump off your face, morph into Beard-Zilla and take over Tokyo, use the damn beard wash and slay that beast. Having a polished, sleek beard says one thing; you’re a sexy beast who takes care of themselves.

Without going full hippy, the wash is packed with other killer compounds that do nothing but make your skin happy. Vitamin E is in there, some B3, green tea leaves and aloe vera are contained within the wash to not only help your skin and hair grow but, to keep your skin free of bacteria. Real talk, beardos, bacteria means acne and ingrown hairs. Taking care of your skin can eliminate both of these problems if you commit to a grooming routine. Remember, your face is exposed to EVERYTHING. If you left your house today, you ran face first into the pollutants in the air. Think about all of the times that you touch your face, let alone your beard, throughout the day. Cleaning your beard will protect your beard. Protect your neck? No! Protect your beard!

Swing by the Beardilizer shop and throw some Beard Wash in your cart. This product is going to fly out of the door, for sure and you don’t want to be left without. Seriously, buy it and when you can’t leave your house because of just how amazing you look, you will thank us. Hopefully.