Beardilizer ValuePack Cream + Spray


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Supercharge your beard care and grooming routine with our beard cream and beard spray value pack. Our topical spray contains all the micronutrients that your hair follicles need to produce a thick, healthy beard, and our beard conditioner and softener cream is the best way to maintain a supple, luxuriant beard over time. The topical spray and conditioner cream both come with a sandalwood scent, so you can just layer your fragrances, using a topical spray for hair and follicle nourishment, and a conditioning cream for beard moisturizing and styling. And when you use our beard growth products, you can always rest assured that you are using only the finest cosmetic-grade ingredients available for sensitive facial skin and hair.

• Value pack: 4 oz. Beard Growth Topical Spray and 4 oz. Beard Growth Conditioner and Softener Cream
• Spray stimulates beard growth
• Cream moisturizes and conditions skin and beard
• Sandalwood fragrance for spray and cream
• Convenient 4 oz. sizes for spray and cream
• Finest cosmetic-grade ingredients