The Return of Super-Beard

superman rebirthComic dorks everywhere went bonkers on February 13th (the day before Steak and BJ Day and Beardilizer’s favorite intern’s birthday) over out of the world epic news. Superman’s beard was coming back with a vengeance. The dorks at Beardilizer didn’t cry for too long over the loss of a New 52 Superman when they saw that their favorite caped crusader was going to be flying through the sky looking sick as hell with that lush mane. That’s one of the many perks of being a beardo; you can fly.

How long will this Super-Beard stick around? There has been a lot of back and forth on message boards, white boards around the Beardilizer office and rabid text messaging. The Beardilizer Comic Commission (okay, two guys) thought that it was worth noting that the Super-Beard has come around before. They felt like this beard reflected the new arc was going to be one of reflection; Superman is figuring himself out and really feelin’ that beard. Even in the 90’s the Man of Steel had a beard and was it awesome. All 90’s comics were awesome, after all!

It’s no secret that the super-dorks at Beardilizer love comics. Our team of beard experts was quick to report that not only has Superman had a beard before but that General Zod’s beard has changed over the years. In Superman and Wonder Woman issue 12, Superman is also rocking a glorious beard. What does the son of Krypton use to keep his beard clean? What does he do when he needs to trim his beard?

Can the beard be trimmed by mortal razors or is DC finally getting hip to the fact that shaving is for the weak of heart. Well, either way, it’s absolutely imperative to point out that even Superman’s Pulitzer Prize winning lady-friend can’t take her eyes off that beard. That lush, full mane and Clark Kent’s emo glasses just can’t stop the sexy. With a beard that beautiful it must be impossible to get anything done around their house. Love is always in the air when a beard is involved. In order for anyone to keep a secret identity it’s important to dazzle and distract. Clearly that beard is helping out Superman. Look at it! It is glorious, especially for a cartoon beard!

What can you do to keep your beard so fly that it fights crime? Well, since you aren’t a cartoon character you can use a few awesome Beardilizer products to keep your sh!t tight and keep your little Lois Lane happy. When you use a beard wax, think about how your beard might be affected by the air when you fly through the sky. If you’re taking into consideration that you’ve got a few grays, well Beardilizer can help you out with that. It’s important to look your best and to never give in to the Kryptonite razor. After all, you might not be a Man of Steel but you’re still a beardo.