Today, we’re going to talk a bit about beard care and how to best maintain your mane for the best beard growth. Some men are naturally blessed with quick growing facial hair, while others tend to struggle with patchy whiskers or just slow growth in general. The actual rate that your facial hair grows varies depending on different factors such as genetics, stress level, testosterone levels and even your diet. However, if you are in a hurry and want to expedite how fast your beard grows there are a few things you can do to help the process. In addition to making your beard grow faster you also want it to look full and healthy, which is why you should only use products that have been tried and tested for successful beard growth.

Beard Care from Start to Finish

Whether you are just now trying to grow your first beard or looking to perfect it, we can help you improve the health and growth in no time at all. There are tons of products on the market that promise results but why waste your money on something that hasn’t been tested before, when you can choose those that have proven time and time again that they can indeed help grow your beard quicker and keep it healthy.

Improving Your Body & Mind

As stated above some of the factors that can affect your beard growth are your diet, exercise and stress levels. To better your chances of getting that full healthy beard that you have been wanting is to ensure that you are eating properly from each food group along with a regular amount of iron and proteins. Facts show that by caring for your body it can help to improve things such as hair growth so making small changes can have a big impact.

Exercising can help to increase testosterone and lower your stress level also. These subtle changes will soon show results that we are sure you will be more than happy with.

How to Choose the Right Beard Products

For many men it can be a daunting task to grow that full beard that they have always wanted but when using the right products you can not only grow that perfect beard but keep it healthy and shiny years to come by using the right products. The first thing you want to look at is growth options which can be found in gel form, spray form and even as a beard supplement. One of the more popular options is the Beardilizer Facial Hair Growth Complex for Men (aka the beard growth supplement) which can be purchased at an affordable price. This amazing 100% all natural beard supplement has been specifically formulated to nourish and stimulate facial hair growth. Take the pill and go on about your day as you soon will see the significant difference within just four weeks.

If you prefer to use an option other than the supplement you may want to consider using the 4 ounce, Sandalwood Beardilizer Beard Growth Topical Spray. This option will give you that fuller, stronger beard that you have always wanted but never been able to achieve. You can use it alone or in combination with the supplement depending on how quickly you want to see results.

Keep the Beard Clean & Maintained

beard care for beard growthOnce you start seeing the beard growth that you have always desired you will want to keep it properly cleaned and managed which means choosing products that keep it in perfect condition. For cleansing your beard you may want to use the Beardilizer beard shampoo. This tried and trusted product that clients love and trust enables you to shampoo your perfect new beard in top condition. It gives you an option to not only cleanse the beard but to also leave it feeling soft and with a healthy glow that your partner will find very attractive. The special formulation found in the Beardilizer beard shampoo will also help with irritation and rash prevention.

One of our products that men of all ages have come to love is our Beardilizer beard conditioner cream which is not only hypoallergenic, but comes in sandalwood or unscented, giving you the perfect options to choose from. Once you see the growth in your beard you will need to start your daily routine to ensure it’s treated and maintained properly. Our conditioner will keep your beard soft and help to prevent against dry skin and irritation as well. With regular use it will keep the beard in tip top shaping ensuring that it can be groomed without massive tangles or stumping the growth.

To really take your beard care to the next level you will want to make the right choice from our wide variety of Beardilizer Beard Oil Collection which offers a variety of unique fragrances to choose from. For those that prefer an all-natural scent may want to go with the Unscented Freedom option. For those that are a bit more daring can opt for some of our more popular choices like the Musketeer which consists of a white musk and offers men that extra sexy allure fragrance perfect for date night. The Gentleman Sandalwood offers a softer toned fragrance while the Tea Tree Trance offers up a more energized fragrance perfect for the athletic or man on the go. Regardless of your likes and tastes our Beardilizer Beard Oil Collection has something for just about anyone.

Styling the Beard with Ease

Finally being able to have the beard you always dreamed of requires learning how to properly maintain it which includes styling it the right way. Fortunately with our Beardilizer All Natural Beard Wax you can find the perfect style for your beard and doing it quickly and easily. This enables you to easily style the beard the way it should and be on your way in no time at all. This particular wax allows you to maintain the style regardless of what you are doing. This amazing wax helps to fortify and stimulate your facial hair with ease.

The Beardilizer shaping comb can be used with all of our style products to make shaping and styling your beard doable in no time at all. It’s the perfect accessory and must have for all men who are in need of beard shaping accessories. This particular shaping comb is light weight making it easy to use and take with you as needed for travel, business meetings and getting ready before a date. For men who are in need of a practical and easy to use option for combing out and maintaining their newly grown beard. The ultra-thin design offers perfect precision and enables you to quickly style your beard with the two integrated combs. The anti-static effect will help you to style your beard perfectly without ever worrying about static messing up the style. It can also be used for just about any beard size making it the perfect addition to your styling pieces.

For those thicker beards you may want to try out the Beardilizer Beard Brush, which can be used in addition to the comb and gel to style and hold for even the toughest of

Beardilizer has everything that you need from start to finish to help you grow the perfect beard, maintain it and style it afterwards. From their amazing beard growth supplements and spray which help men from all walks of life to grow the perfect beard and their cleansing gels and shampoos to keep it clean Beardilizer is here to help you with every aspect of beard care from start to finish.

Growing a beard is just the start of having a positive lifelong relationship with your beard and with aftercare and maintaining it to help keep it healthy and shiny; Beardilizer is here to help you through it all. They offer a wide variety of products in addition to the beard care products such as apparel and even kits to help you get started. Purchase one for yourself or for that special man in your life and reap the benefits of what Beardilizer has to offer.

For those men that are looking for help growing their beard faster and maintaining it for years to come have chosen Beardilizer as their go to place. Our products also make a great gift for that special man in your life so whether you are buying for your father, brother or the love of your life they will be thankful once they give Beardilizer a try.

Beardilizer has a proven record of being able to help men from all around the world to grow and maintain the beard of their dreams so if you have tried unsuccessfully to do so look no further. You will have access to not only the perfect products but also the support and information needed on what products will work properly for your needs and how to use them to get the best results possible. All products are affordable and offer scented and unscented options for those that may have allergies or prefer unscented products giving you all the choices that you could ever want all in the same place.

Growing that perfect beard has never been easier and with Beardilizer you will see the perfect results in no time at all. Give us a try today!