Beard Shaping Comb – 100% Stainless Steel


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This beard shaping comb is the ideal accessory for evenly pruning your beard and obtaining a neat and always impeccable result.

Practical, easy, and quick to use, our beard shaping comb is also very resistant: made of stainless steel, it has two combs (one dense-toothed comb as well as a second comb with teeth spread further apart), and comes in an ultra thin and compact design (1mm in thickness, 10cm in length). Our beard shaping comb comes in a black leather storage pouch: very chic!

The Benefits:

  • Beard always well trimmed and neat
  • Easy to use and to carry
  • Made of highly resistant steel
  • Ultra thin design for more precision
  • Quick styling with 2 integrated combs
  • Anti-static effect on the metal combs
  • Suitable for both short and long beards

Place the beard shaping comb on the rounded part of your cheek and neck and then shave the protruding hairs with the help of a straight blade or a razor.

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