Beardilizer ® All Natural Beard Wax - Sandalwood - 4 oz

Rule one of Beard Club is you always groom and shape your beard. Don’t be a beard noob, walking around with a messy mane. You need to tame your facial hair and a major part of that is using premium quality beard wax. If you haven’t tried Beardilizer beard wax already, there’s no better time! We’ve introduced a new Signature Beard Wax that you’re sure to like.

Signature Beard Wax – Musk

Our all-new Signature Beard Wax with a musk scent is an essential new tool in your manly arsenal. Style and protect your beard with this premium wax. Like all of our products, it contains the best all-natural ingredients chosen to ensure your beard grows full and healthy and looks impeccably stylish.

Sandalwood Beard Wax

Our original beard wax packs a lot of styling power into a 4 oz. tin. It comes with a nice sandalwood scent and also helps fortify and stimulate your facial hair.

We care about your beard as much as you do—and we’re here to help you translate that care into luxurious, envy-inducing beard growth, whether you’re new to the joys of bearding or continuing your lifelong quest for the best beard possible.

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