The Beard Creams Product Line-up

When it comes to beard care (and hair care in general), it’s important to keep the skin underneath your hair soft. Neglect it, and you’ll suffer dry, flaky skin. That’s just gross. Moisturizing your beard helps you keep your skin and facial hair in good shape. It also improves the appearance of your beard as well. Softening and conditioning is essential for beard grooming and maintenance. Beardilizer offers two products to help you achieve a soft, healthy and attractive beard:

Beard Cream

Beardilizer offers a rich, yet soft beard cream that moisturizes and nourishes your facial hair and underlying skin. It comes in two varieties: Sandalwood and Unscented. One of the best ways to bring your beard game to a new level, our beard cream is essential for any serious beardo.

Beard Cream Organic Hemp

This brand new product was born from the collaboration between Beardilizer, MorpheusNeo – Hip Hop influencer & radio host MC, and Chanoir, world famous Franco-Colombian street artist, pioneer in the graffiti world.

From the choice ingredients to the innovative design, Beardilizer is delivering a whole new experience!

Beard Balm

The new Beardilizer beard balm also moisturizes and conditions not unlike our beard cream. However, this beard balm also helps with styling to further improve and enhance the appearance of your mane. It comes in convenient 3.5 oz tin that’s easy to carry and features a sexy (if we do say so ourselves) musk fragrance. Try it today!

We care about your beard as much as you do—and we’re here to help you translate that care into luxurious, envy-inducing beard growth, whether you’re new to the joys of bearding or continuing your lifelong quest for the best beard possible.

Beardilizer Cream Products