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Welcome to the online home of the best beard growth products money can buy. Beardilizer is here to provide you with everything you need to grow and maintain an ultra-sweet swath of facial hair.

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We’re a bunch of guys who love our facial hair and want to spread the joy of owning a beard to as many people as possible. Many team members here at Beardilizer are professional beard and mustache competitors, so we really know our stuff when it comes to growing awesome facial hair.

If you have always wanted to be a true beardo, but can’t seem to get thick, even growth, we have the solution you’ve been looking for. Beardilizer beard growth products are all-natural and professionally-blended to stimulate hair follicles, so you’ll end up with the thick, full beard you are after.

But we’re not just here to help you grow your facial hair; we’re also here to help you keep it looking and feeling good. With cleanser, oil, wax, and more, Beardilizer products have you covered on all fronts.


From ancient times, beards have been a symbol of power, wisdom, virility, and honor. The 20th century threw beards into the realm of counterculture, with beatniks, hippies, and rockers sporting the grooviest beards. Later on, full, thick beards became largely associated with biker gangs and mountain men. And today, we’ve reached another new era in facial hair.

Over the past several years, beards and mustaches have become mainstream once more. Modern men have begun embracing facial hair in many different ways. There is a beard style for every personality, and with the right beard growth products, your possibilities are endless.



No one should have to deal with bad customer service; that’s why when we decided to create a company devoted to beard growth products, we knew we’d have to step up and provide the best possible service for our customers. When you shop with Beardilizer, you not only get the best of the best in beard growth products, you also get quality customer service with easy refunds, exchanges, and repairs. And, we offer a safe shopping guarantee, so you can always feel secure when you buy our beard growth products.

Go ahead, take a look around. We’re positive you’ll find what you need to grow and maintain your best beard ever.

The Facts

Beard growth

Grow a Stronger, Thicker, Fuller Beard Faster with Beardilizer beard products: the #1 Beard Care Brand with a full Dietary Supplement, Cream, Wax, Spray, Beard Wash and Oil Collection

The Truth

beard care

Give your beard some TLC with our 100% Drug-Free beard care treatments, nourishing the Facial Hair Follicle from the inside and the outside.

The Bottom line

Beard products

Dry, itchy beard solution: Each of our beard products incorporates a unique combination of performance ingredients and extracts which work to provide synergistic properties to achieve the best facial hair you can!

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