Phil Rigney

OK so I’m 37 now, I started shaving when i was 12 years old in 1990, and grew my first beard when I was 14!

I’ve always been obsessed with facial hair,my father was bearded and my uncle Philip (on my mothers side) was heavily bearded.

I’ve been clean shaven 6 times since 1996 so I’ve always been growing beards since I could, the big ass beard i have now i started to grow (or stopped trimming) back in April last year because i auditioned for a part as an extra in Vikings… which i got!

That said I’ve really enjoyed having it this long and can’t see myself ever being clean shaved again. I’m an electrician by trade and my day job so to speak is a MT with Intel Ireland.

I’m a married man with one wonderful son and another child on the way