Rev’Heal – Tattoo and Piercing – Pain and Healing Management Complex – Dietary Supplement 60 vegetarian capsules


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This unique product is formulated by plastic surgeon specifically to decrease bruises in patients undergoing tattooing and piercing procedures. Nature’s top most potent anti-inflammatory agents were handpicked and combined in one powerful blend.

All components of Rev’heal had been used in asian medicine for centuries and their powerful anti-inflammatory effects are well documented in scientific medical literature. Rev’Heal contains powerful natural anti-oxidants that minimize tissue reaction to trauma and is successfully used by thousands of tattoo artists worldwide. It is well tolerated by patients and results in faster recovery and reduced pain.

Rev’heal decreases tissue inflammatory response to trauma resulting in less bruising and swelling. Be smart about it and plan safe and fast recovery beforehand. Nature gave us powerful tools to heal and recover your body, so take a full advantage of them. Rev’Heal contains only natural anti-oxidants that support recovery.

Take Rev’Heal before and after procedure and bounce back to your busy life faster than anyone else!

Have a very sensitive, fragile and thin skin? Rev’heal is perfect for you: It works where it really counts, from the inside!

Now you don’t’ have to hide your legs and arms on meeting, beach, cocktail party or during work out. Rev’heal supports the healing process for tattoos and other body modifications such as piercing.

As a super antioxidant, packed with 30 vitamins and minerals, Rev’heal will promote the much needed protection, critical for various tissues and cell regeneration.

Whether you’ve been planning to get a new tattoo for a long time or just jumping on the opportunity, make sure you have your Rev’Heal bottle handy.

  • Rev’Heal is a one-of-a-kind vitamins, antioxidants and minerals complex designed as an anti-inflammatory supplement that reduces appearance of bruising and swelling after a tattoo or piercing session
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Proudly made in the USA – As a dietary supplement, Rev’heal is an 100% natural OTC product, suitable for anyone starting 18 years of age
  • Rev’heal works with any type of skin, whether you are a man or a woman, and for all type of tattoo and piercing, anywhere on the body
  • Revheal decreases tissue inflammatory response to surgical trauma resulting in less pain, bleeding, bruising and swelling during and following your session
  • Ideally, you should start using Rev’heal 14 days before getting your tattoo or piercing. You can also start anytime before or after your session and enjoy the first results within days