The Best Day of the Year – World Beard Day

world beard ayOnce a year a holiday comes around that everyone gets excited about. To most people those holidays are more traditional; something like Halloween, Thanksgiving, or New Years. At Beardilizer we get excited for World Beard Day (September 3) and all of the awesome sh!t that comes with this unique holiday. Every day more and more people get involved with ceremonies around the world and Beardilizer was happy to report that our guys were out and about at an international level; kind of like the beardy ambassadors.

Since Team Beardilizer was on deck to represent the best of the best it should be no shock that our guys kicked all of the ass. Garey Faulker won big in Tennessee, conquering the National competition held that day in honor of National Beard Day. When something so big as a national beard competition is held on such a high holiday our team goes out and we go out strong. It’s difficult to think about not winning but beardos don’t quit. In order to prepare for the competition our beardos have been talking to their beards, waxing, and checking every stray hair for any outliers who might throw off their game.

Our international beardo team was also off adventuring at international competitions but Garey and his victory was the pride and joy of the North American Beardilizer division. The rest of the team had so much fun celebrating Garey’s victory that it didn’t matter who won or lost. The team effort for each Beardilizer win is enjoyed by all; after all it takes more than one person to build a bearded community.

When World Beard Day rolls around it’s always important to think about where you were this time last year and how far you’ve come. Our guys go to competitions on a regular basis so they are always in ‘Go’ mode but for people who are amateur beardos it’s time to think about where you want to go and what you want to accomplish with your beard. All of our beardos started out in relatively modest places – not one of them, save for maybe The Lion, were born with a giant beard. It takes time and energy for great beards to develop so don’t give yourself a hard time about this being a slow process. In order for you to achieve greatness and trophies at next years

Swing by the Beardilizer store and grab your gear; it’s time for you to fluff out your mane and get ready for your competition beard debut. In order for you to be the best you can train like the best; using Beardilizer products puts you at a significant advantage over the competition for sure. Think about all of the killer victories our Team has had over the past year. Next World Beard Day is yours!