Dennis Morgan – King of Men

dennis morganThe Beardilizer interns are the best but they almost always end up developing a ludicrous man crush on a member of Team Beardilizer. Well, with great pride all of us at Beardilizer are pleased to announce that EVERYONE should kneel at the altar of Dennis and show the King of Men some respect. Dennis competed in the 2nd Annual Rose City Beard and Moustache Competition and kicked 99.99% of the ass. It’s no secret that Dennis has a heart of gold but he’s also a fierce competitor.

The Portland Beardsman are mighty. One does not trifle with Portlandians; they go hard and they go for the gold. The judges for this comp were a tough crew. There was Madison Rowley, world-reigning full beard natural champ, and a bunch of sexy broads, including surprise judge, Rebecca Romijn, and Dennis’ own wife, Shannon. Imagine being married to that bushy beast and having to compare his resplendent face to others? TOUGH WORK!

Dennis Morgan's winning chopsThe 2nd Annual Rose City Beard and Moustache Competition was such a success that the competition has already decided to return for a third year. Beard competition are growing in popularity due to the popularity of the beard. It’s okay to jump on the beard bandwagon, especially if you’re living in one of the beardiest cities in the country. Our guy, Dennis, not only crushed the competition but built his bearded breathren up by humbly placing second. After all, his wife was judging and it would have been a whole beard scandal if Mr. Morgan placed first in every competition, ever. Most importantly, this competition means that so much is going on in the beard world. Having a competition that shows off the diversity of the beard community means that the door is wide open for the beard world to become a stronger mover and a shaker; it is not a secret that all of us, especially those interns, love Dennis. He’s got a heart of gold, he’s the light of every competition, and he’s a great part of Team Beardilizer. He also gets to hang out with Mystique, so there is that.

Honestly, beard competitions are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to everything wonderful and beardy. Most beard competitions turn into giant parties filled with photo booths and great people. Developing a sense of camaraderie with your fellow beardos is a part of growing out both your knowledge of all things beard (you never know when someone is going to give you a great moustache wax) and getting to know the competition. Not only can you participate in great events that give back to the community but you also have the ability to learn about what is going on with the beardos who are professionally beardy. Dennis is the man; he is the King of Men. He is always doing something to help out those less fortunate while talking about all things beardy. No, he’s the absolute best. There is a reason that he is loved by everyone he comes in contact with; he’s the choppiest (or beadiest) and the best.

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