#ICanGrowaBeard – The Conclusion

The competition was fierce among the beardos on social media. The winners for the past few weeks have been announced so take a look at the blog to check out the winner’s circle. How is your beard doing? Have you taken a decent picture of your beautiful mane, yet? No matter what your beard is sensational.

While #ICanGrowaBeard may have ended think about how far you have come with your beard; you two have a history. Think about how your cold and naked face before you became a beardo. All of those lonely nights without a cutie to make a fuss over you and your lion’s mane are memories of a distant past. Have you thought about your beard goals? All of the guys who have won over the past few weeks started out in the same spot as you; award-less and beardless.

If you really want to blow away the judges next year think about what you can do to show off your beards growth. Find pictures of you from the military (baby faced – just like a winner from this week) and then grab a pix of your sexy ass beard now; the more of a difference in your beard (or lack of a beard) the better. All of the winners have shown that they are truly in it to win it when it comes to beards. Many of the winners ALSO look like they are getting ready for a beard competition or two. The stylish mustaches and groomed beards are signs of true winners. Beardos do not mess around when it comes to taking care of their grooming. After all, it is part of ‘Having a Beard 101’.

While #ICanGrowaBeard has ended don’t think that you’re out of the running for great stuff. Beardilizer does more than offer you a one stop shop for everything beardy; we want you to attend beard club meetings, to get connected with your community and to see what it’s like to be a Beardilizer representative. All of our products work and are the best of the best. That is nothing you don’t already know since it’s not as if Beardilizer is new to you. Maybe it is and if so, WELCOME! The clan over here at Beardilizer is all about community. That’s why we love our teams and what they do to make the world a better, beardier place.

While the prize packs are rolling out it’s still important for you to stay on top of your beard game. There is still plenty of time for additional competitions AND the holidays are rapidly approaching. Beardlizer has amazing goodie packs that are filled to the brim with stuff that will help your beard stay on top of its game, even if you’re a competition beardo or not, and it will also help you get out there and talk about what it’s like to be an award winning beardo. Sometimes there is a positive side to fame – you can talk about the path that you took to get to bearded fame all with the help of Beardilizer. Again, that’s what we are all about here at Beardilizer – making the world a beardier, better place.