Beardilizer Ultimate Growth Pack Dietary Supplement + Spray + Tonifying Gel


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Combining our dietary supplements, tonifying gel and external topical spray into one amazing package makes for a three-pronged combat maneuver on your face that produces the fastest-growing, thickest, shiniest beard imaginable!

  • Value Pack: 90 capsules of Beard Growth Dietary Supplement, 1 oz. Tonifying Gel and a 4 oz. Beard Growth Topical Spray
  • Supplements contain ideal potency of vitamins and minerals that are important for stimulating new beard growth
  • Topical Spray is applied externally, providing the necessary vitamins and minerals that stimulate new beard growth
  • Tonifying Gel stimulates facial follicles and nourishes the hair bulbs to strengthen and revitalize the skin and beard with its toning and re-balancing properties.
  • Highest-quality ingredients manufactured locally in a U.S. pharmaceutical laboratory

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