Beardilizer ValuePack Dietary Supplement + Cream + Spray


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If you want the full benefits of Beardilizer, the Beard Supplement, Beard Cream and Beard Spray Value Pack is the way to go. This is the gold standard for value: 90 capsules of Beard Growth Dietary Supplements, 4 oz. of Beard Growth Conditioner and Softener Cream, and 4 oz. of Beard Growth Topical Spray. In practical terms, this represents a month’s supply of dietary supplements to help you grow your beard to the max, a daily topical spray to further enhance your beard growth, and an incredibly moisturizing conditioner to help you care and groom your beard in style. And, honestly, we don’t mind beating our chests regarding the quality and performance of our beard growth products. Our high-performance dietary supplement capsules are professionally-formulated to provide maximum potency for nourishing hair follicles and stimulating healthy beard growth. Our topical spray is simply an external application that contains the same beard growing nutrients as our supplements. Our beard conditioning creams are equally impressive, with their fine quality oils and butters extracted from rare botanical sources harvested around the world.

• Value pack: 90 capsules of Beard Growth Dietary Supplements; 4 oz. Beard Growth Topical Spray; and 4 oz. Beard Growth Conditioner and Softener Cream
• Supplements, in easily-digested capsule form, provide all nutrients necessary to stimulate beard growth
• Spray is an external application that provides all nutrients to stimulate beard growth
• Cream moisturizes facial skin and hair
• Highest potency vitamins in supplements and topical spray
• Highest quality cosmetic-grade ingredients in cream