Guys with Beards Are Hot, and You Should Date Them

The joys of dating a bearded man.For today’s blog, we thought we’d get a feminine perspective on why dating a bearded man is awesome!

Beardy dudes can get it. Do not let anyone dissuade you from getting involved with a bearded fella. There are so many reasons as to why dating a bearded man is a wonderful thing: the random talks about the beautiful nature of his beard, the stares from strangers as they appreciate, from a respectable distance, your man’s follicles, the intrinsic sex appeal, and most importantly, beardy make-outs.

“Oh my god, your beard is EPIC!” will become part of your weekend, if you go out with your man. Everyone at the bar will try to talk to him, or even try to touch the beard (remember to pick him up some beard oil so that that beard is extra sensual when it goes out). Do not fear! This is all part of dating a bearded man. Ginger beards, be prepared to be compared to the Chief of the Wildlings (which is not a bad thing). Everyone at the bar will want to talk to the man whose face could be in a beard and moustache competition[1]. Why? It takes dedication to achieve maximum sexy beard awesome. Dedication and passion are two reasons why bearded men are the best kind of men to date.

The stares from strangers can be slightly unnerving but please remember that these people are fans. It is very intimidating to walk up to a stranger and compliment them on their beard. From a dating perspective, the stares can sometimes be unnerving but remember to roll with the punches and remember that it’s all about the beard. The beard draws people in, it unites us all. Dating bearded men is a privilege, not a right. All beards can bring in some very sexy attention. Beards, after all, command quite the presence.

Beards have always been a sign of a strong person. Not to give Game of Thrones too much credit, but how many times have you had to pause that show just to stare at the beautiful beards? It is an all too common issue for me. Watching an episode of Vikings, without screaming, does not happen. Beards were a sign of a person of integrity, either a warrior or a powerful man. If you’re Amish, it means you’ve boo’d up[2]! Nothing wrong with wanting a man who commands a presence and has a distinguished face! Beardy dudes really are the best. Especially when it comes to maintenance of said beautiful beard.

Beardy make-outs are what make the world go ‘round! Having that moment of intimacy with a new sexy person in your life is intoxicating. Having a beard involved? Even better. For all of the reasons that listed above, getting involved with a bearded man can result in pretty sensational make-outs. Who doesn’t like being intimate with someone who has a soft, full beard? Bearded men are the hottest: they’re passionate, committed to maintaining their beard in all of its resplendent glory, they have learned how to talk to complete strangers about their favorite hobby (the beard!) and they’re the best kissers. I’ve done the research, so trust me.