Get You Some with that Sexy Summer Beard

summer beardStyling your beard for the summer aka hiding the face sweat.  Reference this article about finding the best beard style for your face. In order to be super manly, you have to look good while you’re sweating to death. Know your beard and keep yourself looking suave as a mo-fo. Summer is about getting laid. You need to use that beard for all of its magic. Think about your gorgeous beard and how much it can help you out in helping you make some new friends this summer. There are so many ways that Beardilizer can help you this summer; think about the style of beard that you want and if you need some help growing it out.

Your hair is going to act kind of like your beard if you’re in a really humid place; think about keeping it tight or letting it be big. Putting effort into your style doesn’t have to be challenging. It can be something so simple as just picking between having a mane or looking like you’re waiting for someone to take some beard porn shots of you for Instagram. There are two thoughts of school when it comes to a summer beard; keeping it close to the face or letting it go crazy and long.

When your beard is close to your face you have to think about what kind of look you’re going for it. Style is a big deal so you if you want to make your summer look be something new or if you just want to keep your beard situation grooming to a minimum. In order to keep this look looking fresh it will involve more work but less sweat. There is a lot that you can do for a closer beard but think about all of your options.

A big manly beard speaks volumes, but whatever you do to keep your mane large and in charge consider all of the things you can do. If you want a big beard there is product to help you (link) or think about what you can do to keep it nice and sleek (link). Make sure that you’re using the right product! In order to keep frizz down use wax; all of the products available wax will help you keep frizz down to a minimum, especially if you’re having a hard time keeping your beard locked down.

Know your face and think about what you want to do. Do you want to be casual beardo? Do you want to have a face that the judges will love? In order for you to grow as a beardo you have to GROW that beard, oh! Beyond bad puns put some careful consideration into what you want to get into this summer. Getting laid and staying cool, even if it’s a metaphorical cool should be your number one priority! Beardilizer is here for you; we know what you’re thankful!