Happy World Beard Day

world beard daySeptember 5th is World Beard Day, which we are sure that you already know. Actually, World Beard Day is celebrated every first Saturday of September, it’s not just September 5th. Mark your calendars now, since this is something that you should never, ever forget.

Sure, you celebrate your beard every day, but today EVERYONE ELSE has to celebrate your beard. How do you plan on celebrating your World Beard Day?

There are World Beard Day events going on all around the world. Google “World Beard Day” and you will be amazed to see that there is so much going on, in celebration of lush, proud manes. Last year, The Sydney Facial Hair Club in St. Petersburg, FL had a twenty-two man beardy pyramid. Again, Google it, since in print it sounds way more homoerotic than it is. There is so much to celebrate on World Beard Day. Again, who wouldn’t want to celebrate the rich history of beautiful facial situations.

History of beards
Who knows where beards come from, truly. There is evidence as far back as 800 AD, with the Vikings looking suave as hell. Viking beards, pirate beards, nomadic beards, beards have been around for years. They have meant so much to so many, including you, fearless Beardilizer reader. This may be an obvious one but even Jesus had a beard, if that’s a thing that you’re into.

How are you going to get ready for your World Beard Day shindig?

Have you ever considered giving yourself a hot oil treatment with one of the Beardilizer beard oils? Put a small amount of oil in a microwave safe bowl, warm it up and apply to your beard. Let that oil soak in and then take your beautiful beard for a walk. The Beardilizer staff does this sort of thing on the regular and thought we could share this secret. Your mind is totally blown, huh? Get that beard ready for the party you’re heading to since it is Friday after all. Beard clubs are a great way to stay connected with people who are into the same things that you are into: being beardy and being awesome.

Staying in touch with beard clubs is a great way to celebrate your beard and make sure that all religious holidays, such as World Beard Day, are celebrated with the attention that they deserve. See if your area has a beard or moustache club that you can spend some time with. Beard competitions are way more fun with friends, especially when your friends walk away with trophies! Any excuse to leave the house to celebrate your beard is a great excuse. Now, remember all holidays come with a few gifts, so remember to give your beardy loved ones some Beardilizer swag, or some grooming goodies.

Now go check your beard out in the mirror, fluff it up and be proud. Today is your day. Actually it’s your beard’s day so remember to treat your beard right. Take it out. Show it off. See if you can be in a beardy dude pyramid, since why not.