The Best Places for You and Your Beard to Live

beard friendly cities in the USASo now that World Beard Day is in the bag, what’s next for you and your beard? Have you two ever thought about some ideal vacation spot or perhaps relocating so that you can take your beard to the next level? A move based on competition beard status? That does not seem like it would be beyond the true Beardilizer reader. Be honest, have you ever thought about where a “beard friendly” place might be? Obviously, Beardilizer is going to do some investigative journalism for you.


The West Coast contingency rolls hard and deep with its facial hair. Look at the list put together by Fox 31 Denver regarding the most beard friendly cities. Some of the most beautiful cities in the United States are promoting a premier beard agenda. Washington, San Diego, Los Angeles (shocker, there), San Francisco, and Seattle are all there! Wow. It’s tacitly understood that the more liberal a location the more relaxed attitudes toward outward appearances, but it appears that the West Coast is where it’s at concerning beards. The beard scene, especially in Washington, must be absolutely sick. Think about how close beard aficionados are to Alaska, and certain parts of Canada. The idea of the urban lumberjack came from places like Washington. Who wouldn’t want to live and breathe the essence of grunge? Unless of course you and your beard want to live where the sounds of punk erupted from a basement (that has now been gentrified into a clothing store).

New York City is the best place in the world to make new friends, see things that you would never see and to grow your beard out. Beards are so popular in New York that it is the only major East coast city to make this list. Philadelphia has been cruelly overlooked, despite the fact that it contains some of the best beards in the country. New York, in its never sleeping glory, begs for the tired, weary, beardy masses. Beard have always been in, in the Big Apple, even if they were ironic at some points. We can only blame the hipsters in Williamsburg, who weren’t smart enough to move to Green Point when the rent went up for making beards a fashionable point. Either way, all beards are beautiful, even if they happen to be clad in a seventy five dollar Urban Outfitter flannel shirt.

This comprehensive list gives much respect to appreciated cities. Nashville, Indianapolis and Denver hold it down. Denver, Colorado is one of the most beautiful places in the country. As some of the locals know, it is God’s country. Having a beard in Denver means that you can walk around a mountain spattered, earthy, green city. You and your beard can commune with nature and be around people just like you. Nashville? Who wouldn’t want to be a country person with a lush beard? Think about it. You, your beard, a belt buckle showing off your champion beard status… that might be ambitious but Beardilizer believes in you. Swing by the merch shop, grab some swag, pick up your beard oil and think about it. What would happen if you moved and brought your beard game to a whole new level?