The Patchy Beard Struggle is Real

Keanu Reeves patchy beardSo, you’ve started growing your beard and hit a bump in the road. The dreaded patch, the potholes of the beard world. What do you do? Is there anything that can be done to get around these absolutely abysmal banes of your beard’s existence? Fear not! The experts at Beardilizer are here to help. The Beardilizer team weighed in on what to do to get around those rough patches and have your dream beard! Below are a few tips that the dream-team put together to help you and your beard out.

It’s Not Your Fault

The Beardilizer team wanted to remind us all that a patchy beard has nothing to do with you, but rather genetics. The way that facial hair grows in has everything to do with your parents, their parents, and the parents before them. Before you bust out your own gene map to figure out if your Grandfather’s baby face screwed you over, remember that there are things you can do to help your beard along. You will get through this rough patch, but you may need a little help.

Maintenance, Maintenance, Maintenance!

Trimming your beard will keep the hair growth fresh and make it easier for your beard to grow out. The beard experts at Beardilizer reminded us that finding a beard that looks best for you is key. If you have exhausted all resources, and you just can’t get that small section of your beard to connect, that is ok. There is nothing you can do sometimes! Just keep it tight, keep it fresh, and keep it glorious.

It Takes Time

Sometimes it can take years for your beard to even itself out. Remember, hair growth takes time. If you have ever grown out a bad haircut then you’ll understand that growing out a rough patch of your face is the same concept. A bad haircut can take time, but remember to stay vigilant with your care. Don’t get mad at your relatives! Take progress pictures so that you can see the change in your hair over time. There are a lot of options for skincare but most importantly taking a daily supplement for hair growth will help you. That is where Beardilizer is there for you! Everyone on staff has spoken up about the improvements in their beard after adding the Beardilizer supplement to their daily regime. This supplement is something that can be used in tandem to daily skin care maintenance, but like any other skincare product, it will take time. Bearded men are patient men!

Give yourself time to work around those rough patches, just like in life. Understanding that while you may not have a Blue Beard pirate level beard is ok, but you might. If your Dad had a patchy beard, you might have a hard time growing in something full but you can still find the beard that works for you. Remember, all beards are beautiful. They are all created uniquely and deserve their own ticker-tape parades. Keep on reading and submit your questions to the Beardilizer team!