About Beard Strong Beard Oil

Beard Strong beard oilSpring is here, beardos! That means one thing – the pursuit of people in sundresses. Since there is nothing wrong with trying to be amiable and make some new friends (be ambitious this spring!) let’s talk about how Beardilizer has put out a product that is going to do nothing but make it easier for you to talk to the fairer sex. The Beard Strong oil formula was created exclusively for making new friends and looking fine as hell while doing so. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t created JUST to help you get laid but sometimes-unintended side effects just made a sweet product even better.

Beard Strong oil formula contains two really unique elements: androsterone and pheromones. Surely, you know what pheromones are. Did you read Batman comics as a kid? Poison Ivy got away with murder for a reason! Pheromones are a chemical substance that alters your mood, often times in the same way a beautiful beard does. Pheromones, in combination with the androsterone, make this oil formula a deadly product. Deadly in the way that you’re not going to be able to leave your house without a harem following you around. Beardilizer is one brand (if not the only) to offer this combination! To make it that much easier to attract other’s faces to your face, there is essential lavender oil thrown into this mix.

Sex and relaxation are two things closely associated with the smell of lavender. If you think otherwise feel free to poll the first woman that you run into. The Beard Strong oil formula helps promotes beard growth while helping prevent dry itchy skin. Since this oil is so easy on the skin, especially when applied with regularity, it is recommended for all skin types. Using this product on a daily basis will help this spring be even better than the last! Beardilizer likes to keep it simple. After all, our products are all about the beard. Using beard oil on a daily basis can help keep that gorgeous mane looking fresh to death. In addition to containing pheromones and lavender oil, there is a combination of jojoba, argon, olive, grape seed, and black castor oil and eucalyptus. Black castor oil keeps things clean, so that you can avoid unsightly ingrown hairs that really harshen the vibe of the beard. All of these natural ingredients keep your hair follicles clean, moisturized and protected from the approaching pollen of doom.

If you need a refresher on how to how to apply beard oil without going over board, just remember to apply a dime size amount to your hands and rub your palms until warm. Apply from your skin out, taking care to fully coat the beard. If you have a huge freaking beard, don’t be lame and neglect the ends. Just simply gather your beard together with your dominant hand. This helps get any residual oil off your hand and onto your beard. Just repeat the same with the opposite hand and boom. Done. Since this is oil, remember to leave this part of your beard hygiene towards the end of your routine. Putting in your contacts with leftover oil on your fingertips is not fun. You have to look good to meet ladies, after all. Beardilizer can only get you so far.