#ICanGrowABeard (and so can you)

This week, Beardilizer launched an all new campaign (no, not a Dungeons and Dragons campaign) to help reach out to all of the world beardos. Beardilizer posted to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to encourage people to submit Before & After beard photos with the hashtag #ICanGrowaBeard. Have you checked the hashtag out? No. Please do. After all, the story of your beard is part of our story.

In addition to this great campaign, our awesome brother at bearded arms Marty Ray (of the Mary Ray Project) and Jonny Freesh put together a bad-ass video (see above). When you’re taking part in a contest like this, think about what you should do to win. Take a picture of your naked face and juxtapose it with a baller picture of your beard. It’s important to win, after all. All beardos are highly competitive, after all.

Every week something fantastic comes out for this new project. Monday morning, when you’re checking into the office and drinking your first cup of coffee take some time to cruise over to Beardilizer to see if you have been chosen as this week’s winner. All you have to do to get in on the action is use the hash-tag #ICanGrowaBeard (plus like, share, retweet, etc. — whatever’s applicable to the platform you’re participating on) and you have automatically been entered. Again, use that #ICanGrowaBeard and let your sweet prize pack roll in. Using other beard friendly hashtags will help you get extra likes. There are so many swarthy beardos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so make sure that you stick out. While the contest is held every week, you can’t win twice. Make sure to pick pictures that will help you stick out from the rest of the pack. Do you have a gnarly summer beard? Did you shave earlier this year and took a picture to scare your girlfriend? Use those pictures and show off your Beardilizer pride. It’s so awesome to stay connected with a group of guys like the Team at Beardilizer.

Each week, Beardilizer will pick five people (based off of likes) to win. What do you win? Awesome stuff! Beardilier swag in addition to a signed copy of the anthem of the contest, “I Can Grow a Beard.” Having a great group of dudes on staff, picking out the winners for the first week of competitions is going to be hard. Looking at all of the awesome, epic, baller beards make working at Beardlizer even better. Having Marty and Jonny on staff to help out with this competition sweetens the pot.

All you have to do to participate is use the #ICanGrowaBeard hashtag (and other ones if you would like) and get as many likes as you can. Winners are chosen based off of likes. That is it. Do you have your social media game on lock, just like your beard? Prove it, Beardilizer style!