Week 3 of #ICanGrowaBeard

Wow – it’s been a crazy three weeks for this competition. The competition is fierce but don’t worry if you haven’t won yet. There is still time. One of the best parts of this competition is that no matter how deep into the competition you increase your chances. Five weeks of gnarly growth? That is a big deal.

Find a picture of you before you grew your beard out; the more of a difference in your beard the better, especially since you’re trying to show off how much your beard has improved your life (and your sex appeal) in a profound way.

In addition to sending in pictures of your beard there is still time for you to submit your videos to claim the Marty Ray and Jonny Freese prize. If you have both a bomb ass beard AND you know that you have a talented mouth get to recording. All you need is a phone with a camera!

If you have won, please contact Beardilizer. Post some sweet victory pictures of you celebrating the time that you found out that your beard was deserving of some sweet ass attention. Cruise the #ICanGrowaBeard hashtag to check out the competition. The guys who are winning are crushing this game, no question about it.

You have a few more weeks to put together your victory plan. Think about what you can do in order for you to prove that your beard is the best of this week. Find a picture of your bare, baby-face. Think about what you can do for the best effect on the judges here at Beardilizer.

If you’re thinking about what you want to do in order for you to win in the long run you can start out with Beard 101. If you have an easy time growing your beard out think about using one of Beardilizer’s beard oil or a beard wax. If you’re trying to get the patches in your beard to come in then grab some beard supplement in the store and start taking pictures. There are so many options out there for you if you’re trying to get your face to award winning status. At the end of the day this competition is all in good fun but it also shows that a lot of beardos have come a long way with their beard growth. Nobody wakes up with a lion’s mane on their face; not even our team. They all started out just like you; with a naked, cold face.

The #ICanGrowaBeard competition is all in good fun at the end of the day but Beardilizer wants to hear from you. Beards are our lives and you guys are our lives. We love hearing from you all and knowing that you love living that Beardilizer life. Again, it’s not too late to get your beard into the competition.