Don’t Make Children Cry

charles and son
If you have kids then you know that they’re pretty great. They’re honest and to a fault. Everything that they do makes you laugh, even if you’re not supposed to. When a kiddo has a beardo for a dad it’s easy for them to walk through life knowing the best. Beard privilege is real; since it does help you win awards. If you’ve got a beard then you know that your kid might freak out with your naked face. After all, this video did go viral! A little boy saw his Dad’s nude face for the first time and had an awesome, beard friendly meltdown.

Bearded Dads are the best Dads. They always care and do things for the best interest of their family. That’s how this bearded Dad story is one of the best. Not only does the bearded Dad, Greg Hogan, have a baller beard but he’s got a huge heart. Greg started growing out his beard for charity! His son, the one who hates his naked face, was born with a genetic condition. Patrick, Greg’s favorite kid, was born with hemophilia and his Dad wanted to raise awareness of the disease. For charity, Greg grew out his beard and advocated for Beards for Bleeders as a means of helping pitch in to help out people just like his son.

Joe and sonIf that doesn’t melt your heart, think about what our homie Dennis recently did to help out his community. Part of being a beardo is helping raise awareness of causes that you love by using your beard. After all, with great beard comes great responsibility. Digging deeper into the article about Greg Hogan and his family, you can see that while his youngest song Patrick was not a happy camper about the beard, his oldest son thought it was neat that he had shaved. Wait! Hear us out. Both Hogan and his oldest have dimpled chins, just like the great Bruce Campbell. Okay, so it’s totally fine to showcase the marking of the great one but think about the trauma that you caused your child by shaving!

Remember, it’s important to only give in to razory temptation if charity is involved. Helping raise money for a good cause is one of the purest things that a beardo can do. In the meantime there are a bunch of things that you can do to help keep your beard on lock and not make kids cry. It’s summertime so keep that beard clean! Fly away hairs and proper grooming make it easy for you to look your best during this time of year. It’s easy for you to find everything that you need at the Beardilizer store. Even if you just need beard oil, grab some. You don’t want your beard to make a kid cry, from the lack of beard or the gnarly frizzle beard that you can’t seem to get away from this time of year. Don’t shave! Unless it’s for a great charity and even then you may make your kids cry.